Welcome to my blog. My name is Ali, I'm 17 and from East Yorkshire, England. I like music and books.
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Finding that one black clothing among other black clothes is the hardest thing in the morning

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I’m glad you’re happy now go fuck yourself

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waking up next to youis my favourite thingin the world.you think you look disgustingand i know you feel grottybecause i do toobut seeing you lookso rawandso real(and so beautiful)only proves to methat i’m not stilltrapped in a beautifuldream from thenightbefore.



the fact that there’s only about 5000 people who’ve reblogged this scares me. That means that less that 5000 people know where these come from.
I feel old…

very odd

literally every person on earth has read the very hungry caterpillar
Waiting for @walkerlivi to tell me when to go out because today it’s round 4 in my quest for intoxication

“Tell me that you don’t take that blade and drag it across your skin and pray for the courage to press down.”
Girl, Interrupted (1999) dir. James Mangold